By: Padma Subramanian

Fyrii can transform business innovation into an “as a service” model that can help bring companies into the new economy. Often referred to as the “Creator” or “YOLO (You Only Live Once)” economic model, we are now seeing workers taking the power back into their own hands and using these models to define their own career paths, while organizations benefit by engaging the most relevant and current expertise.

How can a business catch up to this new world and find itself attracting these hard-working professionals who are looking for a multi-revenue stream that offers them more freedom than a standard 8-5 job? How can a business enable their employees to harness their creativity and showcase them in a public forum while increasing the brand equity of their organizations? Our newest Board Director, Karen Cone, brings an in-depth understanding of this world and its evolving workforce. Karen, who is also a Venture Partner with the Mastersfund, has been at the forefront of helping early-stage growth companies in both hi- and fintech and we could not be more thrilled to have such a powerhouse on our Board.

“The pandemic experience has triggered a powerful acceleration of the Creator and YOLO Economy. Many professionals have decided not to return to their stable jobs and instead convert their passions into full-time, creative opportunities. Others have found free time to indulge their creativity while still in a job,” says Karen. “At the same time, organizations are seeking beyond their boundaries for subject matter experts in leading-edge technologies. The Fyrii platform connects these interdependent communities. The timing could not be better, which is why I am excited to join the Fyrii Board.”

Karen’s foresight into how AI and the Cloud will drive businesses, prevent financial crime, analyze risk predictions, and more is why corporates like Microsoft, Mastercard and IBM, and the advisory research firms Gartner and TowerGroup, have welcomed Karen onto their teams in key roles, including CEO, Board Director or senior executive.

Being such a visionary, we asked Karen to give us a little taste of what she sees coming down the pipeline for the corporate world:

“Within this decade mega-Cloud data centers with a wide range of infrastructure and breakthrough platform and software services will replace the majority of organization-specific data centers and the focus will be on successful interfaces and the integration of cutting-edge PaaS and SaaS applications. The expertise required by organizations will be highly dynamic, while many experts will choose to work on the most creative initiatives. A platform like Fyrii is essential to empower and connect organizations and experts within a workplace that enables and accelerates innovation.”