CHICAGO (December 1st, 2023) — heywell announced a series of milestones today as the brand further
accelerated their growth and momentum in 2023.

Garnering retailer attention, heywell launched two highly successful innovations this year, expanding
their line-up to 6 skus. Energy + lift orange mango launched in March – which quickly became their
second best selling sku, and the brand also launched a custom collaboration with leading convenience
brand, Foxtrot Market over the key summer selling season. Their energy + lift cherry limeade drove
124% growth in the account for the brand vs. same period last year and was one of Foxtrot’s most
successful collaborations to-date.

In addition to innovation, heywell’s strategic approach to distribution – partnering with the right accounts
at the right time for the right consumers – has led to segment-leading velocity and dollars per store as
reported by SPINS.

• 5.7 units per sku, per store, per week Nationally in the Natural Enhanced Channel
• 7.5 units per sku, per store, per week in the Central Region in the Natural Enhanced Channel,
ranking #2

This strong pipeline of innovation and industry performance is delivering category value and garnered
the attention of retailers as heywell has expanded into new distribution with Wegmans, Mariano’s,
Harmons and Heinen’s. heywell has also tripled their Amazon business since March of this year and
expects this platform to grow 5X next year.

The functional beverage segment is $48B dollars and growing at 6.6%. SPINS also reports traditional
solutions like energy support and hydration are large and growing at 12.6% and 9.8% respectively, but
emerging spaces like mood support are growing further at 23.7%, as consumers look for their food and
beverage to work harder for them in solving the demands of modern life. heywell typifies what
consumers are looking for in beverage – solving modern challenges by providing healthy, effective
functionality that tastes delicious.

Ashley Selman, CEO of heywell, shares her thoughts on the functional beverage segment and heywell’s
market traction: “There is growing aspiration to be well and people are increasingly turning to food and
beverage for their everyday well-being.” Selman continues, “Consumers don’t want to make trade-offs,
or sacrifice taste for health or health for taste. heywell is leading modern innovation in this big and
important segment and it’s exciting to continue to grow our business with notable retailers. Functional
beverage is competitive, but our market traction has allowed us to step outside the pack and has put us
in a leading position as we move into 2024.”

The beverage brand’s popular flavors can be found online at Amazon, and at other
notable retailers across the country:
• heywell energy + focus sparkling strawberry lemon
• heywell energy + lift orange mango
• heywell energy + immunity sparkling grapefruit
• heywell calm + restore sparkling blackberry ginger
• heywell calm + hydrate sparkling lime

About heywell:
Ashley Selman, CEO, and Britt Dougherty, COO, founded their company to make wellness more simple
and accessible for everyone, every day.

Early wellness solutions prioritized function over flavor; the team’s desire to improve on those early
efforts led to the development of heywell, a line of delicious, healthy, function forward waters that can be
enjoyed by everyone. heywell’s functional beverages are made with adaptogens, antioxidants and
organic caffeine to support energy, immunity, focus, hydration and stress.

Low in calories and sugar, heywell’s sparkling waters are a refreshing balance of tart and sweet.

As part of heywell’s mission, the company donates 1% of sales to nonprofits that advocate for inclusion.
Follow them at @livingheywell, and learn more at

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Press contacts:
Ashley Selman | | 303-589-3196
Taylor Foxman | | 609-432-2237