Seattle-based Sybilla Masters Fund, known as Mastersfund has added two additional women-led tech companies to the fund’s portfolio, Seattle-area Automaton, doing business as Stack Moxie, and PageDip, headquartered in Boulder Colorado.

Pagedip provides a no-code content editor with dynamic content creation, document sharing, measuring engagement and content monetization. Sales and Marketing teams, as well as publishers of any content, can create, update and share branded content with their target audiences, and seamlessly include any media element and data. “BINKS” (Better links) allow viewers a wide range of dynamically updated content within a document, instead of having to bounce out to another website.

Founder and CEO Sherisse Hawkins, said: “I am delighted to include Mastersfund and their expert advisors in this round led by Astia Angels.” In addition to Astia, a national fund for women founders, Mastersfund joins Rockies Venture Club, Foundry Group, and AngelList Fund.

Seattle’s Stack Moxie provides no-code Automated Monitoring and testing for managing complex no-code enterprise technology systems, working across companies’ tech stack to give RevOps teams confidence systems are running flawlessly and a proactive heads up if something needs attention. Founder and CEO MH Lines said, “We are incredibly proud to be working with Mastersfund’s amazing team.”

Gillian Muessig, Mastersfund Managing Director, said “We are very excited about both Stack Moxie, and PageDip. We see major opportunities for each in their markets. Further, with investments in five women-led tech companies now, we continue to fulfill our mission to fund women-led diverse teams.”

For more information, please contact: Gillian Muessig, +1 (206) 930-8133

About Mastersfund

The Sybilla Masters Fund, known as Mastersfund, is named after an early 18th Century Philadelphia entrepreneur, whose invention of a machine to grind corn received the first patent granted by King George in any colony. It is a gender lens Venture Capital Fund chartered to support, fund, and champion high-potential technology-driven businesses with at least one woman on the founding team in a position of strategic and operational control. Mastersfund focuses on growth stage investments at first revenue, with scheduled revenue-based equity redemption. It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The Fund was founded in 2018, by Gillian Muessig and Anne Kennedy.

About Pagedip

Pagedip revolutionizes content creation, document sharing, and measuring engagement in a single app with powerful analytics. It is a web-based content experience and insights platform that powers the creation of secure, measurable, always-up-to-date content, and allows the reader to go deeper without leaving the page. The company is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Pagedip was founded in 2017, by Sherisse Hawkins.

About Stack Moxie

Stack Moxie is the leading monitoring and test automation toolkit for the business users managing complex tech stacks, and a leader in the no-code movement. It makes sure every lead reaches sales, email sends don’t have broken links, landing pages are populating, and analytics are tagged as expected. The company headquarters are in the Seattle area, and customer support center is in Tallahassee, Florida. Stack Moxie was founded in 2018, by M.H. Lines.