In 2018, at the first Women in Cloud Summit, Gillian Muessig, formerly the founding president of Seattle’s Moz, announced plans to launch a gender lens investment fund Northwest. Three years and half later, the Sybilla Masters Fund, aka Mastersfund, has been launched and is actively funding women-led technology companies.

This month, the Mastersfund announced a Seed investment in Fyrii.AI, a company with a platform on which technologists post and discuss position papers, case studies and more to highlight their fields of expertise and where corporate technologists can research complex subjects, connect with authors and experts, and complete entire development projects in a single, protected space.

“We like companies that can organize a disorganized market,” said Anne Kennedy, Managing Director of the Mastersfund. “Fyrii combines elements of reddit, quora, Github and Medium with added functionalities to enable technologists to monetize their expertise, while helping corporations find and work with tech experts in efficient ways. Early traction is very encouraging.”

Led by Karen Topping Cone and Eileen Foley, venture partners of the Mastersfund, the investment will support the company’s launch and early growth. Ms. Cone, formerly General Manager of Microsoft’s Worldwide Financial Services, CEO of TowerGroup, and seasoned international board director, will represent investors as a Board Director at Fyrii.AI.

The investment round includes Cachet Ventures, a venture building firm that specializes in business model innovation to drive growth in early-stage companies through strategic advisory services and early investment.

Venky Sridharan, Managing Director of Cachet Ventures explained his enthusiasm about the prospects of Fyrii.AI. “We are very excited by where Fyrii is positioned and what it promises to become. The intersection of technology, innovation, and AI is a great place to be, as business operations become increasingly digital and seek expertise from across the spectrum.”