The Sybilla Masters Fund, known as Mastersfund, announced a third investment from their inaugural Fund in Tacoma-based Humming, Inc. The Humming platform, found at, automates small purchases of online ads and leverages scale to lower costs. The company uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to build and distribute ads across multiple online platforms, enabling small ad buyers to optimize ad targeting, reach and performance in ways that were previously only available to high-volume ad buyers.

“We harness artificial intelligence to transform how businesses make, buy, and deploy ads,” explained co-founders Dr. Jill Nealy-Moore, a psychology professor at University of Puget Sound and local serial entrepreneur Bill Herling.

“Mastersfund is delighted to back another woman-led diverse startup that is democratizing access to powerful capabilities formerly available only to large agency and enterprise ad buyers with deep pockets,” says Gillian Muessig, Managing Director of the Fund. Ms. Muessig has been following Humming’s development for several years.

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